Pray Around Altus 2021

Twenty-Seven Locations - One Big Prayer

The Jackson County Ministerial Alliance is hosting a day to Pray Around Altus on September 11, 202. In past years the Alliance has hosted a prayer walk around the perimeter of the city of Altus that culminated at City Hall. This year the church groups will pray at strategic places around the city. Twenty-seven locations have been chosen for our churches to gather and pray before gathering as one large group at the Jackson County Courthouse. A human prayer chain will be formed around the courthouse and a final prayer for the city and county will be offered at 10:00 AM. If you are not walking or part of a group that is praying at one of the twenty-seven locations, please join the community as they pray at the courthouse. For more information please call 580-482-3377.

Altus Prays Campaign

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